About Us

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Company overview

  • Akrivia Automation Private Limited is a product based company established in 2015. We design products to enable digital transformation efficiently. Our products AkriviaHCM, Facttwin and AkriviaMHM provide visualization of various business processes in your organization and help to discover hidden problems.

  • Our domain and technical expertise, combined with our in-house experience in integration and manufacturing, gives us the edge where it matters in providing faster, better and cost effective solution than our competitors.

  • Our vision is to play a major role in transforming the industry sector by using technology. Our mission is to be build world class products and help our customers attain optimal performance.

  • Our major strengths include a systematic process for stakeholder involvement, robust design process, strong project management methodologies, functional expertise and dedicated customer service. We utilize these to provide Reliable, Quality and Flexible services